At the moment, our information about paying for care services applies to England only. We are updating our information to make it relevant for people living in Scotland and Wales. In the meantime, please visit Age Scotland or Age Cymru.

If you're working out how to pay for care, make sure you’ve considered all your options. Start by getting a care needs assessment from your local council to get expert advice on the care you need.

How the council works out what you'd pay for care at home.

How your finances are assessed for care home fees.

Organising your care in a way that suits you.

When you might have to sell and alternatives that might be available.

Rules about gifting money, property and other financial assets.

Things to consider if you're self-funding your care.

NHS-funded support for older people with complex health and care needs.

Topping up the council's funding to give greater care home choice.