Getting online can help you keep in touch, learn new skills, find music you love, and even make things like shopping or banking easier. It may feel daunting at first – but with a little patience and practice, everyone can learn how to use technology.

It's important to take it step by step when you first get online. By learning the basics, you can get started on the right foot.

There are lots of ways to boost your friend or relative's independence online. Discover how to support them while using technology.

Using the internet can help in your daily life. Find out about ways to stay connected, manage your health, listen to radio and more.

Having trouble online? These pages cover how to fix simple problems, stay safe and where to get help when using technology.

Try Vodafone's Hi Digital learning platform

Hi Digital is a free online resource to help you improve your digital skills. Developed by Vodafone in partnership with Independent Age, you can complete as many courses as you like, by yourself or with a family member or friend,  working at your own pace and choosing the lessons best suited to you.

Technology to help at home

Read about telecare, telehealth and how smart devices can help if you need some support at home.