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Policy report
Read our new research on older people's experiences of waiting for surgery.





Policy report
In launching the Doing Care Differently blog series, Independent Age has helped to illuminate the challenges and opportunities facing our ageing society.


Policy report
This report looks at how local authorities have performed in the first year of the Care Act 2014.


Policy report
This report includes essays from experts and politicians on how the UK prepares and pays for an ageing society.


Policy report
This report looks at how many older people struggle with daily tasks and how many older people get the support available to them.
Policy report
This report looks at the issues in England’s residential care market and the potential impact on the market of changes due to be introduced in April 2016 as part of the Care Act (since postponed until 2020).

Consultation responses

We regularly respond to consultations, legislation changes and parliamentary inquiries that fall within our key policy areas. Read the responses here.