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Read about our campaigners raising awareness of Pension Credit with the UK Government. Plus, hear from three well-known actors who have helped us tackle the stigma of poverty in later life through three short films.



Read about the extraordinary reaction to Edna Clayton’s 101st birthday, Judy and Imogen’s connection, and Becky’s heroic fundraising efforts.


Some of our befrienders have been thinking about what makes volunteering special for them. Dan and Tony, on page 6, find that age doesn't matter when it comes to friendship, while Josie looks back at the inspiring older people she's met in her 20 years as a volunteer.
We've been able to set up new channels of information and connection for older people in the pandemic, particularly through our online coronavirus hub and the voices of our COVID-19 Correspondents (see page 2). We've even been able to provide technological help and resources to those who are digitally excluded, giving them more access to their families online.


These recent months have been like no other, with the coronavirus crisis forcing millions of older people to stay home. It’s simply been the greatest test in our 157-year history. The good news is that we’ve all risen to the challenge. Volunteers, staff and supporters have responded with incredible speed and passion.
Our Helpline supported more than 84,000 older people, their families and their carers. One of these people was Stanley. Stanley's story shows how even small uplifts to the income of older people can help them feel less isolated.


In this issue of Support Matters, you can read about some of our highlights from 2018: more and more people are using our services and getting involved in our work.