Spring this year, with its warmer weather and sunshine, also comes with the hope of a little more life and a little less isolation.

In your work volunteering, you give hope of a good life to older people up and down the UK every day. You help to reconnect people to their communities, and the interests and activities they enjoy. That’s enriching for us all.

On page 6, we have a wonderful story of that very thing: the extraordinary reaction to Edna Clayton’s 101st birthday shows there’s always life to be lived, whatever your age. Feeling uplifted is also the theme of Judy and Imogen’s story on page 8, whose connection defies their different eras. Becky’s heroic fundraising efforts put her new-found love of running to the test on page 4 and, if music is your thing, our ingenious live music gig shows how staying involved with things you love is always possible – see page 5.

Whatever troubles we face, there is always room for optimism. And it’s people – friends, family, neighbours, community, whoever we have near – who, in my experience at least, reliably make the difference. You, our supporters, are a vital part of that.

Stuart Rogers Chief Executive Officer