Watch our new films starring Jane Asher and Vincent Ebrahim

Actors Jane Asher and Vincent Ebrahim star in the first two in a series of films we've launched to tackle the stigma of poverty in later life.

Our films demonstrate the reality of financial hardship for people in later life and highlight the support that is available. Jane and Vincent deliver scripts based on real calls to the Independent Age helpline.

How Frank and Valerie got help

It was only when Frank had reached his wits’ end that he called our Helpline. For Frank, calling our Helpline was life-changing. First, we reassured him he had come to the right place and encouraged him to tell us a bit about his circumstances. We quickly discovered he would qualify for Pension Credit as well as Attendance Allowance for Valerie, who now needs constant care at home.

You could hear the relief washing over him as he realised that the benefits he was entitled to were worth not a few extra pennies but potentially thousands of pounds each year – and that there was a way ahead for him and Valerie, not just the steady unravelling of everything they had worked so hard to create. 

Your donation

Your donation will help us reach more people through our Helpline and will help ensure they get the benefits they are entitled to. Over the past year we've provided support and advice to more than 12,000 people, revealing almost £1.5 million in unclaimed benefits.

*‘Frank and Valerie’ are based on the real-life experiences of people we’ve helped.