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Staying active

It's never too late for exercise to benefit your health and wellbeing. Lots of things that get you moving can count towards your weekly activity. Read about what counts and how to get started.

Are you Moneywise?

Money can be tight sometimes, especially with rising bill prices this winter. Find out how to boost your income and cut your bills in our Moneywise guide.

Cutting down on drinking

We can become more sensitive to alcohol in later life. If you're resetting this year, read our Alcohol and drugs page for tips to help you cut down on drinking.

Staying well in winter

As the weather turns colder, read our tips on looking after yourself during the winter and use our checklists to help you prepare.

Heating your home

You'll still have gas and electricity if your energy supplier goes out of business. Learn more on our Switching energy supplier page.

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