Find out how you can help an older person with issues such as getting more help at home, coping with ill health, scams and loneliness.

If you’re helping someone else, you also need to look after yourself and you may have to adapt to changes in your own life. Here's where you can find out more about the support you can get.

If you regularly help a friend or relative, you may qualify for practical or financial support. Find out more about benefits, carer’s assessments, what to do if you need a break and ways to make life better for yourself and the person you care for.

How do you talk to someone about things that could be upsetting – like giving up driving, moving out of a much-loved home or planning for the end of life? Our practical advice can help you prepare for these important conversations with someone you care about.

There may be times when you’re worried about someone else, but unsure how or whether to help. Perhaps you’re concerned about their wellbeing or think they may be lonely or struggling with their mental health. Read our advice for what to do in such situations.

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