Thank you for 'doing your bit' during these testing times. Your support means we can continue to do our bit, especially for the isolated and the lonely.

We've seen this so wonderfully in the way our volunteer visitors have adapted to become volunteer phone callers and letter writers, maintaining their friendships and commitments regardless of restrictions. Fiona's connection with Peter on page 6 is a lovely reminder of the power of volunteering. People are often surprised by how much personal satisfaction, even a sense of accomplishment, they feel when they volunteer - the energy and enthusiasm are returned.  

Your support carries this work, and more, forward. We've been able to set up new channels of information and connection for older people in the pandemic, particularly through our online coronavirus hub and the voices of our COVID-19 Correspondents - seen on page 2. We've even been able to provide technological help and resources to those who are digitally excluded, giving them more access to their families online. 

I hope the stories here make you smile as you have made so many others smile through your positive efforts. 

Sally Sheehy, Head of Public Fundraising