What to do online

Whether it's video calling friends or playing games with family, there are lots of fun things to do online. It can also help you with a range of practical tasks, like managing your money and ordering prescriptions.

The internet can help you to keep in touch with friends or family. Learn some easy ways to send messages and use social media to keep connected.

Whether you love a puzzle, want to sing to Sinatra or simply catch up on some TV, you can do it online. Find out how to follow your interests online.

There are lots of ways to continue learning when you get online. From borrowing books to joining classes, this page covers how you can use the internet to discover new things.

From apps that monitor your health to booking appointments and ordering prescriptions, technology can help you to keep active and manage your healthcare.

Shopping online is a simple and convenient way to get things delivered to your home. This page covers what you can expect, how to keep your money safe and what to do if something goes wrong.

Online and mobile banking can help you to easily manage your money. It's usually free and secure, and you can take steps to stay safe too. Find out how to start banking online.

Also in the technology hub

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