Keeping in touch with volunteers

Here are some guidelines and templates to help you with keeping in touch with the volunteers you support to ensure that all volunteers are communicated with in a clear and consistent way.

Support and check in catch ups

Here we have guidelines and relevant documentation on how and when to conduct a support and check in meeting with the volunteers you support. Please take the time to read through the guidelines first and familiarise yourself with the relevant forms prior to booking your meeting or call.

Lone working

Our lone working information and risk assessments help keep you and others safe when volunteering. Please read and follow the guidelines when you are out and about and training others.

Liaising with other volunteers

These two documents give an overall picture of all volunteer roles and where they fit within the structure. When supporting other volunteers it is important to know what other roles are available, what these roles entail and where you can signpost them to find more information and help.

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