All of us can feel lonely or isolated from time to time, whether we live alone or with others. Loneliness is the feeling of sadness that comes from not having as much company or the type of company that you would like, and it affects everyone differently. If you're feeling lonely there are things you can do to help yourself and places you can look for support.

People feel lonely for all sorts of reasons and they find different ways to overcome it. Read about some things that may help you to deal with feelings of loneliness and where you can look for more support.

If you’d like more social contact, there are practical things you can do and organisations that can help. Find out about social groups and activities near you, and other ways to stay in touch.

The pandemic has made it harder for people to be together. Read about some of the resources, helplines and organisations that can help you to stay connected and keep your mind and body active.

If you think someone you know may be feeling lonely, it can be hard to know what to do. Find out how you can support them and where they can look for help.

If you’re feeling lonely or you know someone else who might be, our guide can help you find ways to feel more connected. Download or order your free copy.

Many of us lose touch with friends and family over the years. Our trained volunteers will call regularly for a friendly chat on the phone or, in some cases, in person.