Q1. What’s the best way to secure my front door? 

A: There are a number of things we recommend:

  • door chains,
  • Yale lock (Dead bolt)
  • viewing lens
  • bolts
  • strengthened glass
  • strong door and frame
  • hinge bolts
  • letter box cage or box.

It’s also a good idea to consider a key safe in case of emergencies.


Q2. What’s the best way to make sure my windows are safe and secure?

A: Always keep them shut and locked when you're not home. If you want to have your windows open whilst at home, put them on the safety lock. Remove any keys. Extra locks or bolts are a good idea too.


Q3. How can I make sure the front and back of my house are safe from burglars?

A: All of the following can be helpful:

  • security lights
  • put up a strong fence
  • padlock your side gate
  • lock up your shed
  • keep garage doors
  • windows locked.


Q4. Is it worth installing a burglar alarm?

A: yes, very worthwhile. Alternatively you could place a dummy alarm box at the front of your premises to act as deterrent.


Q5. I worry about being burgled when I’m on holiday. What are the best ways to protect my home when I’m away?

A: You could:

  • cancel the milk/newspapers
  • mow the lawn
  • don’t close curtains
  • have lamps on timer switches.

You could also ask a neighbour to park a car on your property or attend your home to open and close blinds/curtains. Store valuable items elsewhere when away.


Q6.  How can I stay safe from bogus callers?

A: You could:

  • lock – stop – chain – check
  • call the company they say they’re from
  • ask them to come back.

You could also try checking ID of the person, or not answering the door if you aren’t expecting them.


Q7. If someone’s on my doorstep and won’t leave, or if I’m not sure they are who they say they are, is it ok to call the police? 

A: Yes call the police. If someone won’t leave or is making you feel uncomfortable, state you are going to call the police. This will usually result in them leaving your area. If they do leave you can still call us on 101 which is our non-emergency number.


Q8. Any other home safety tips?

A:  We advise everyone to never give personal details out, either in person or over the phone. Make sure you keep your doors locked even if you are home along with locking your garage or outbuildings. Get a good lock for sheds and garages. Don’t leave money, handbags or purses/wallets in view of windows or by doors.


Q9. Is there anything else my local police force can offer when it comes to making my home secure?

A: You can contact your local officers or neighbourhood policing teams for a home security assessment. 

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