The Legacy Team at Independent Age supports those who wish to leave a legacy or in memory gift as opposed to giving through donations or fundraising events.

So what is “legacy” and “in memory” giving?

Legacy giving is a donation made through a will. People may choose to leave a gift to charity in this way as they want to continue helping others and to support a cause after they die. Legacy giving is an alternative way to support charities, and we know that many people prefer to donate in this way instead of a regular donation.

Memory giving, or ‘in memory gifts’ are donations to charity made in memory of someone who has died. This is often organised by next of kin, who may ask family and friends to donate to a charity the deceased supported, or to an organisation that helped them or a loved one, or as a cause that reflects their life and values.

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Legacy at Independent Age

At Independent Age this year, we expect a third of our voluntary income to come from legacy gifts.

We are honoured by these generous donations, made through people in their wills and after the death of a loved one, is a moving measure of how much the work of our charity matters to people in later life and their family and friends. These gifts in wills help Independent Age to continue our vital work to support everyone who needs our services.

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