Impressively, this wasn’t Doris’s first time at such awe-inspiring antics; the centenarian broke her own record for the oldest person to abseil 100-metres down the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth. 

After her feat, for which she was raising money for the Rowans Hospice, Doris said, “It was my biggest challenge yet but I absolutely loved it...People look at me and say ‘I don’t believe it’ but I hope I’ll be doing it forever. I’d certainly like to make it to 103.’” See Doris totally unruffled by the experience and clearly enjoying every second of it here.

Over in Bangor in Wales, Jean Stoner, was not having such a good week. In a real life turn reminiscent of Pete Seeger’s contemporary folk song, the 98-year-old widow found herself asking “Where have all the flowers gone?” after facing a ban on her flower boxes. Jean’s housing association claimed the plants outside her flat are a health and safety risk and that they must be removed immediately. Her son Joe, has defended Jean in the Daily Mail claiming his mother has always enjoyed flowers and plants and has kept a collection without any problem since she moved into her flat several years ago. “It’s heartless, cruel and unnecessary,” he said. “They’re not rubbish – these are the possessions of residents. They’re not in the way and they don’t stick out into common areas.”

Despite his pleas, however, the housing association is holding fast. “As a responsible landlord, we are obliged to make tenants’ and residents’ safety our priority,” they said. “We can’t make any exceptions.”

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