Depressingly, I’ve come to realise that there is very large consensus about the problems and a fair amount of consensus about the solutions. Yet, despite this consensus, progress has been frustratingly slow.

So, while we all wait for the changes that the Care Act promises, perhaps policymakers need to keep a copy of our buzzword bingo card to hand to remind them not to fall into old habits. Or, better yet, ensure that they acknowledge that progress towards a better social care system will never be easy nor quick.

So, if you're passing a Whitehall meeting room, or a campaigning charity's office soon, prick up your ears and listen for a shout of "Dilnot!" should someone complete a row. Hopefully the prize will not be another review of social care funding, starting sometime soon. 

The consultation on the Care Act's regulations and guidance is due shortly. Let's hope platitudes are kept to a bare minimum.

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