We have produced a short form for you to fill in and share with your friends and family. It includes space for practical information, such as who will execute your will and details of your funeral plan if you have one, as well as space to record your wishes.

I've chosen the hymns for my funeral. I put them in a drawer. I said that’s it – I definitely want that one.

If you have preferences for your funeral, make sure you have made your family or friends aware of them. You might think that they would know what you want, but there will be a lot of things for them to consider at a difficult time, and things that seem obvious to you may not occur to them.

My mother doesn’t want her coffin in the church. She wants a service but she doesn’t want the coffin in church. Thank goodness she has written it down because she would have been there; I wouldn’t have given it a thought.

If you find it difficult to think about what you would want, you could try thinking about other funerals you have been to. Did you think any of them were particularly appropriate? Or maybe they contained elements you would want to avoid?

I remember something that didn’t work and as we were coming out of the funeral I said to my kids,  I do not want a eulogy. I hate eulogies. I don’t want one. And my son, who has always been very funny, he said, 'Mum you will be dead – you won’t know anything about it.' Which is true.

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