What's the problem?

For months, the Government was repeatedly warned that social care was in crisis. Over a million older people who struggle to wash, dress and make their own meals weren't getting the care they need. 

In March 2017, they promised to publish plans for a new approach to social care. Throughout the General Election, social care was front page news. It was debated on television and featured in every manifesto. 

However, after the election, the focus slipped away. No plans materialised. The people who urgently needed care were still waiting. We decided we wouldn't allow them to be forgotten.

What did we do?

Fed up with waiting, we launched a petition calling on the Prime Minister to commit to a date to publish the plans for social care. Over 10,000 campaigners got behind the petition - proof that the public still cares about this issue.

We also joined forces with 80 other charities, as part of the Care and Support Alliance, to keep up the pressure on the Government.

What was achieved?

On 16 November, the Government announced they will publish a green paper on care and support for older people by summer 2018. Although we had hoped for an earlier date, it is still a significant step towards securing a better social care system. This milestone would not have been achieved without consistent pressure from campaigners.

What next?

We will be working hard to make sure that older people's voices are included in the plans. The crisis in the sector is well-documented, with variations on the quality of care available, a significant funding gap that is predicted to increase, and challenges in recruitment and retention of staff. This green paper must be comprehensive in addressing these issues in an integrated way, with action taken to improve social care within the lifetime of this Parliament. We will hold Government to account on these measures, to ensure the system can meet the needs of older people now and in the future. 


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