Our advisers frequently hear from older people and their families who, once having made the decision to move into a care home, struggle to know how to find a home that's right for them.

[Inspection] reports are, at best, ad hoc and a snapshot in time. They show standards of cleanliness and electrical safety but they don’t measure up to the things people value such as being made to feel loved, cared for, and an individual

Care home company chairman

Often people end up making the decision in a rush, sometimes without the advice, support, or information they need to compare different care homes. Or they find that there are only a few options in their local area that they can afford, or that the council is willing to fund if it is paying for their care. Sometimes this can mean that once in a care home, residents find it isn’t what they were expecting at all.

With your help, our campaign can change this. Better choices can lead to better care. We want people to have the information they need to be confident they are making the right choice of care home for them. 

Care home performance

Across England, we know that the quality of social care for older people is concerning, with more than one in four adult social care services being found to be ‘Inadequate’ or ‘Requires Improvement’ by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). But what does this overall national picture mean when we look specifically at care home settings at a more local level? We have looked at CQC inspection data (taken from January 2017) to present care home performance by region and local authority.

The full briefing can be downloaded here (PDF)

And the accompanying data spreadsheet can be found here (opens Microsoft Excel document).

You can also download individual maps for each of the 9 regions in England.

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