Health and care

All older people should have access to good health and care services to help them live independent and fulfilling lives.

We want to help older people understand what financial support they are entitled to for their care. We call on the Government to properly fund social care. We ask questions about the quality of care older people receive to make sure they get the support they need.

Income, money and inequalities

All older people should have the money they need to stay independent and live well.

Having enough money to be able to stay healthy and socially active is important no matter what age you are. For older people, living on a limited income can have significant consequences for health, happiness and the ability to maintain social connections. We speak out on behalf of older people to make sure that they have the money they need to live well. 

Loneliness and staying connected

All older people should be able to stay socially connected.

We know from talking to older people, and from our research, that loneliness can be very harmful to physical and mental health. We work to better understand how older people can remain connected and sociable. We also make recommendations to Government and other organisations to prevent loneliness in later life.

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