What did we find?

Our conversations with older people across Scotland and the problems they shared with us clearly show how widespread the issues are that people in later life face: from money worries and problems accessing health and care support, to living in an area with no transport or being on the receiving end of ageism.

Poverty and money worries

In Scotland, 1 in 7 older people live in poverty. We heard from many that they don’t have enough to live on, which causes them stress and anxiety. 

Inadequate housing

The current housing system is not adequately meeting the needs of older people – needs that range from older renters struggling with rising rent costs to older people being scared to complain to their landlord about poor standards because they fear eviction.

  • We’re not heard by the government. They’re not interested in us.

    Older person in Scotland

  • I see a lot of people my age becoming withdrawn from society. It’s very easy to become withdrawn.

    Older person in Scotland

  • We need a champion.

    Older person in Scotland

46% of older people in poverty have a disability

15% of pensioners in Scotland are in poverty (150,000 in total)

51% of older people in poverty are renters

What are we calling for?

We are calling on the Scottish Government to introduce an Older People’s Commissioner for Scotland.

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