Commenting on on the new ADASS (Association of Directors of Adults Social Services) Budget Survey report on the state of adult social care, George McNamara, director of policy and influencing at Independent Age, said:

"This is sadly another sign that our social care system is broken, letting down the most vulnerable and denying them of accessing vital support.

 "The fact that two-thirds of directors are not fully confident that they will be able to fulfil their statutory duties to older people highlights just how shamefully inadequate current funding levels are. Social care providers are being forced to do more with less, and older people are the ones bearing the brunt of these heartless decisions.

 "This report should be a huge wake-up call for the next prime minister that urgent action must be taken. The promise of tax cuts may grab the headlines, but ultimately will only result in the further demise of vital social care.

 "The government needs to step up and end the policy paralysis that has plagued this issue for decades. In the short-term, this means providing clarity and a funding boost on the adult social care grant, and increased resourcing of the Better Care Fund. Independent Age is continuing to call for free personal care at the point of use – the most realistic and effective way of ensuring all older people are given the help they both need and deserve."

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