A home that is affordable, secure and suitable is essential to our wellbeing and should be a basic human right. 

However, for many older people living on a low income, affording their housing costs, feeling free from the threat of eviction and living in a decent standard of home is not the norm. 

To improve the lives of older renters in Scotland we must ensure that: 

  • rents are affordable
  • people are protected from unlawful eviction and homelessness
  • a decent standard of accommodation is provided 
  • tenants’ rights are upheld. 

Almost 4 in 10 (39%) older private renters live in poverty.

Some 28% of older private renters have less than £200 disposable income a month after paying their rent.

Eight in 10 older people support limits on how much landlords can increase rents.

Half of private renters over 65 still worry about eviction despite the current protections.

Some 65% of the houses lived in by older people are in a state of disrepair.

Less than a third of older renters feel fully informed of their housing rights, with 1 in 5 saying they know nothing.

  • My landlady decided to sell her property, so I was given notice. An example of a private landlord selling up. The property was purchased for use as a second home and short-term let. It’s scary how starting rents have increased.

    Older private renter

  • My home is never warm; the heating system seems ineffective. There is a smell of damp in the winter months. There is a huge opening in the back wall where the boiler is located. The wind whistles into the flat…

    Lizzi, 66

  • I know if I complain to my landlord, it will get me nowhere but homeless.

    Older private renter

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