Whether performing an active role in their communities, increasing awareness, campaigning for change, or raising funds, volunteers play an essential role in increasing our impact.

Our volunteers work in collaboration with our employees, bringing their skills, experience, passion and expertise to all areas of our work.  

We appreciate, support and celebrate our volunteers for their diversity and creativity. Our volunteers increase our capacity and impact, enabling us to ensure that more people can grow old well, with dignity, choice and purpose.

By working with our volunteers, we increase our reach and impact in a wider range of communities across the UK.

As an Independent Age volunteer, you will:

  • Help Independent Age to fulfil our mission and vision – we couldn’t deliver our services without the support of our brilliant volunteers 
  • Have an opportunity to utilise your skills, knowledge and experiences, as well as learn and develop new ones
  • Make a meaningful difference in the lives of older people
  • Have an opportunity to meet new people and make new friends
  • Support your local community
  • Receive relevant training for your role and access to ongoing support, development opportunities and helpful resources.


If you’re ready to apply for a volunteering role then we would be delighted to receive your application! You can apply here through our online application form, or if you require a paper form, please contact the Volunteering Team and we can provide a paper form. You can contact us by email at: volunteer.recruitment@independentage.org or phone at: 020 7605 4255.

This depends on the role that you’re applying for and the activities that you need to complete before commencing the role. After applying to volunteer, most roles require a getting to know you call, two references and role specific training, while face-to-face roles also require a DBS check (England and Wales) or a Basic Disclosure or PVG check (Scotland). We hope to have you ready to start a role within 3 – 4 weeks.

We have many different volunteering opportunities available depending on what’s right for you. You can find out more about the roles we have available here.

This depends on the role. Our Community Volunteer roles require a commitment of at least 9 months, depending on the needs of the older person that you’re supporting. This gives you time to develop a strong relationship with the person you’re supporting and help them to reach their goals. However, for other roles, you can do a one-off activity or continue volunteering for as long as it suits you. We always try to be flexible and work within your current lifestyle. If you have any more questions about how volunteering can work for you, get in touch by email at volunteering@independentage.org or phone on 020 7605 4255 and we’ll be happy to chat more about it.

Yes, it’s a great way to be involved in more of what we do at Independent Age. You can apply for multiple different roles depending on what’s right for you. We suggest having a look at the volunteering opportunities we have available and get in touch by email at volunteering@independentage.org or phone on 020 7605 4255 to chat about the right roles for you.

No, you don’t need any specific skills or qualifications to volunteer with us. You must be 18 or over to volunteer with us but we don’t have an upper age limit.

Yes definitely, we don’t want you to be out of pocket while volunteering. It is normal practice for Independent Age to reimburse you for any costs incurred relating to your volunteering. For example, mileage/transport costs or any other receipted “out of pocket” expenses in line with the Independent Age volunteer expenses policy. You can find our expenses form and policy on the Volunteer Resources Hub.

This depends on the role you chose. Some roles are national, and you can do them from anywhere in the country which is brilliant if you’re not always in one place. Other roles are community focused so require you to be within a certain area in order to fulfil the role as best as possible. To see which roles are national and which are local have a look at our volunteer opportunities here.

As soon as we’re able to we’re hoping to return to hosting events in person both centrally at our London office but also within local communities. Once you become a volunteer you’ll receive communications from us about upcoming events and ways to meet other volunteers and staff members. In the meantime, we’re very active on all social media channels so do stay connected by following us to keep up to date on everything Independent Age!

As a volunteer at Independent Age, you will receive induction training before you begin your role which will help you fulfil your role effectively and give you specific guidance on things such as safeguarding. Throughout your time as a volunteer, you will have an Independent Age contact who will support you day to day with anything you may need, and you will have access to ongoing training and development opportunities. We also have a closed Facebook group for all active volunteers to connect, share top tips and support each other which you can join once you start.

Depending on the role that you choose to undertake, you can develop a wide range of skills including: 

•    Communication skills

•    Relationship building skills

•    Listening skills

•    Specific skills related to the role that you choose to undertake

At Independent Age, we recognise the role that volunteers can play in helping us to achieve our vision and mission and aim to involve volunteers in as many activities as possible. We involve volunteers in many areas of our working including:

•    Our activities to support older people in the community. 

•    Helping to develop the advice and information that we provide to older people on subjects such as benefits or health and care. 

•    Our fundraising activities. 

•    Our policy and campaigns work, to ensure that we advocate about the issues that matter most to older people.