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How can I volunteer?

Volunteer and older woman

Whatever your talents, you can use them to help improve the lives of older people. We have a number of volunteer roles available to suit you, from regularly visiting or phoning older people, to helping to support our new recruits. We'll give you all the training necessary and also cover your expenses.

Older person and volunteer sitting on a benchVisit people at home
Volunteer visitors make a real difference in people's lives. Visiting older people is fantastic way to build a relationship that makes the older person feels less lonely and more socially connected.

Older man on telephoneMake regular telephone calls
People look forward to receiving telephone calls from Independent Age friendship volunteers. It is a mood booster and helps people feel more connected and less lonely. If you are a good listener and enjoy a chat, this is a great volunteering opportunity.
Fundraising event teamHelp organise and run events
Do you have a passion for event fundraising? Can you inspire others in and around Essex or Newcastle? If you can inspire others in your local community with great events and raise money to help more older people, we need you!
Man sitting next to womanAssessing volunteers
Do you like meeting new people? Are you observant and have a talent for putting people at their ease? We have a role which will play to these strengths.
Man sitting outside with friendsOrganising volunteers
If you enjoy team building, motivating others, and have a bit more time to offer, then you may like to consider this role.
Men reading newsletterAdhoc or specialist volunteers
Roles include supporting new projects, working in our offices, or talking to the public about what we do.

What's in it for me?

People are quite often surprised by how much they receive back when they volunteer. The act of giving your time to help another person fight through their loneliness or social isolation can lead to a feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

We provide volunteers with training and a dedicated support network, and we hold local and national volunteer events throughout the year.