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How can I volunteer?

Whatever your talents, you can use them to help improve the lives of older people. We'll give you training and cover your expenses.

Search for an opportunity within 10 miles of your location (search within 2 miles if you're in London).

Enter your postcode to see what's available near you.

Two people sitting and chatting while sitting on a couch.A chat over a cuppa
Become a Volunteer Visitor and get as much from your chat as the older person you’re visiting. Regularly giving just an hour to put the world to rights over a cuppa can make all the difference. For both of you.
Two people sitting and chatting in chairs.Become a Local Ambassador
We are looking for motivated individuals who will act as local ambassadors for Independent Age, helping raise awareness of the need to support older people in our communities and spreading the word about the work that we do.
Older lady sitting at kitchen table with mug of tea.Telephone Volunteer
People look forward to receiving telephone calls from Independent Age friendship volunteers. It's a mood booster and helps people feel more connected and less lonely. If you're a good listener and enjoy a chat, this is a great volunteering opportunity.
Two people sitting and chatting at a table.Assessing volunteers
Do you like meeting new people? Are you observant and have a talent for putting people at their ease?
A volunteer sitting on a couch and chatting on a phone.Coordinating volunteers
If you enjoy team building and motivating others then this could be for you.
Two people sitting in a room and chatting.Training volunteers
Do you like working with groups of people and enjoy speaking in front of others?
Two people standing and chatting in a kitchen drinking from mugs.Peer support volunteer
Support other volunteers, making sure they have the right support and resources to carry out their role.
An office volunteer sitting at desk.Volunteer Administrator - Wellbeing
We're looking for a super organised volunteer to support our Wellbeing and Telephone Services Teams.
Two people sitting at a table with paperworkCampaign Correspondent
Join us! Help us to persuade MPs to change things to benefit older people.
Older and younger woman at a table, looking to camera.Involvement Volunteer
Use your change-making skills to help bring the experience and ideas of older people right to the centre of what we do.

What's in it for me?

People are quite often surprised by how much they receive back when they volunteer. The act of giving your time to help another person fight through their loneliness or social isolation can lead to a feeling of accomplishment and happiness.

We provide volunteers with training and a dedicated support network, and we hold local and national volunteer events throughout the year. Our Volunteer Engagement Panel gives active volunteers a chance to be more engaged in developing the work we do on a variety of projects. Our volunteers on the panel have a range of different backgrounds and expertise