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A group of campaigners

We want the UK to become the best country in the world in which to grow older. We campaign to ensure people can enjoy a financially secure, healthy, active and connected older age.

An image of an older couple sat on their sofaLet's Get Personal
We're asking the government to introduce free personal care for all older people who need it.
An older ladyCredit Where It's Due
We're calling on the Government to make sure that everyone who is entitled to Pension Credit receives it.
A group of older people planning a campaignCampaign highlights
Read about what your support for previous campaigns has helped us to achieve.
An older person touching a screenOur blog
Read the latest thoughts, reflections and stories from Independent Age.
Couple writing a letter togetherCampaign Correspondents
Become a Campaign Correspondent and write to your MP about the key issues affecting older people today.
Older woman readingPolicy and research
Read about the policy work that helps us form our positions and supports our campaign work
Houses of ParliamentOur work in Parliament
We work hard in Parliament to make sure that the voices of older people and their families are heard.
Two campaigners outside ParliamentReflection: 2019
Last year was a busy year for campaigning at Independent Age. Read our blog post and find out what we achieved in 2019.


As part of campaign, Credit Where It's Due, we spoke to Anisah about why Pension Credit is so important to her.

Watch this video to find out, and see how she feels about the fact that £10 million a day of Pension Credit is not reaching those who are entitled to it.