Responding to news that amendments will be put forward to the Renters (Reform) Bill (RRB), which is currently at Committee stage, to ban ‘No DSS’ policies and implement a Decent Homes Standard to the private rental sector, Joanna Elson CBE, Chief Executive of Independent Age said:

“We have spoken to numerous older private renters on a low income who’ve told us about homes infested by rats and plagued with leaks and black mould. Many who receive financial entitlements are also terrified of the lack of options they will have if they are evicted or need to move, because landlords and estate agents can refuse to rent to them. No one should be at risk of homelessness because of ‘No DSS’ discrimination.

“News that the Renters Reform Bill will be amended to include a ban on ‘No DSS’ policies, and that the Decent Homes Standard will be applied to the private rental sector, has the potential to make a real difference to all renters, including those in later life on low incomes.

“But all this will count for nothing if the Renters Reform Bill is not passed soon with these amendments. Older private renters don’t have time to waste. They desperately need certainty and security and the UK Government must do all it can to make this happen.”

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