Recovering from a quadruple heart bypass that had temporarily taken her sight, Rita, who’s widowed, hadn’t been able to read for 18 months and was even afraid of taking a shower in case she fell. Needless-to-say, she felt very low.

We were able to help Rita claim the benefits she was entitled to and also match her with one of our volunteers, Ruth, who lives locally.

Rita says, “Ruth started to come just after I’d had my heart operation and I was so depressed, but she brought me right round… She’s a smashing person.”

Now receiving Attendance Allowance, Rita is able to afford a little help around the house. Rita says: “I think Independent Age is the most wonderful thing in the world – I never knew anything like it existed. I feel a lot more independent now than I did before. I never thought that anybody would help the way they have.”

These simple things have made such a big difference to her life, and as they've shared regular cuppas, Ruth has watched  Rita regain her sight and confidence.

By organising a Big Tea, you can help improve the life of another older person like Rita who desperately needs friendship and support. Just sharing tea and cake with friends is all it takes. It's such a simple and enjoyable thing to do – a cup of tea really does make a big difference.

Please order your free Big Tea fundraising pack today – it contains lots of fundraising ideas and recipes to help make sure your event is a real success.

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