After a not so quiet summer, Independent Age is heading into an even busier autumn as Party Conference season gets underway in a few days’ time. 

Once again, Independent Age will be attending Liberal Democrat, Labour and Conservative party conferences as the political parties come together to reflect on the political year so far, and to look ahead to what the next twelve months will have in store. 

This year, party conference season will provide the perfect opportunity for Independent Age to showcase our Care for Tomorrow campaign to the politicians who are gathered in Brighton, Liverpool and Birmingham. 

We will be holding a roundtable event at each of the three conferences. We’re bringing together key politicians, local government leaders, and experts in health and social care in order to discuss how to persuade the government that now is the time to act on fixing health and care in this country. 

Making sure that the health and care system is fit for purpose for generations to come is vital, and we need to continue to make sure that it is a key priority for Theresa May’s Government in the coming months. 

Thanks to the incredible support you’ve shown so far for our Care for Tomorrow campaign, we have a really powerful message to take to politicians this conference season. If you don’t already get our campaigns email you can keep up to date by signing up here.

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