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We need to talk about death

It’s the one true certainty of life but, being such a polite lot, we’re so terribly awkward about it.

At Independent Age, we want to end this deathly silence. Here, we provide advice, information and stories to help you start the conversation.

A better place #TalkAboutDeath8 weird ways to say 'died'
For centuries, our fear of the d-word has spawned a whole array of bizarre metaphors.
Man and woman talking in parkFive tips for starting a conversation about death
It’s not always easy to discuss death with an older relative. This advice will help.
Woman and older man sitting on sofaTalking about death
Read stories and advice from older people, their families, Independent Age staff and others on the benefits and challenges of talking about death.
Older couple sitting on sofa #TalkAboutDeathHow to talk to family about your dying wishes
Very few of us have actually discussed or recorded our wishes for the end of our life. Have you?
Cover of Coping with bereavement guideCoping with bereavement
Order or download our award-winning free guide.
Cover of Planning for the end of life guidePlanning for the end of life
Order or download our popular free guide.
Woman walking away down the roadThings to talk about before someone dies
The practical things to consider when a loved one is dying.
Cover of Good Grief reportGood grief
Read our research report on older people's experiences of partner bereavement.
Younger man and older man sitting on a benchTalking about end of life planning
Things to broach when talking about the future.