You may feel hurt, embarrassed that you didn’t spot it sooner, and wonder if your friends and family will think less of you for being made a victim.

Scammers gamble on people staying quiet so that they can continue to con others. But don’t stay silent. Talk to your family, friends or neighbours about what’s happened and report it to the police or Action Fraud. There’s no shame in falling for a scam – people of every age and background are taken in by them.

Research shows that you’re not alone. Citizens Advice calculated up to four million people are scammed in the UK every year. The London Assembly’s police and crime committee report found 85% of frauds and scams were never reported.

Scams are not only against the law, they can ruin your confidence and wreck people’s lives. Reporting a scam may not mean you get your money back, but may help prevent others being targeted in the same way. Every scam reported means more is learned about the scammers. Don't put up with it: learn from your experience and share it. 

Report it, share it, get advice

1) Report it - Contact the police or Action Fraud. Reporting it can help catch the scammers and stop them targeting other people. 

2) Share it - It’s not uncommon to feel anxious, fearful, or guilty after being scammed. Talk about it with people who will understand by contacting Think Jessica or Victim Support

Talk to your GP if you are feeling very low, anxious or depressed. Samaritansare available at any time, day and night, if you need someone to talk to 

3) Get advice – If the scam has left you in debt or with money worries, get advice from your local Citizens Advice Bureau or the National Debt Line

For further information, read The Little Book of Big Scams produced by the Metropolitan Police.

You can also read more advice content in our Scams Awareness Month pages.


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