We have already identified top-level aspirations against our three strategic pillars. These are:

  • Every older person can live a healthy life
  • Every older person has enough money to live on
  • Every older person feels part of their community

A primary focus of the TOC work is the refinement and testing of the nested outcomes within each of these aspirations.

The timeline for the selection process is:

Step Dates Details
1 8 May – 29 May 2019 Tender invites issued via email and website
2 30 May 2019 Shortlisting of tenderer organisations
3 30 – 31 May 2019 Invites to present sent out to shortlisted tenderers.
4 5 June 2019 Tenderer presentations at Independent Age’s London Office
5 6 June 2019 Successful tenderer notified and contract requested
6 7 June 2019 Review and sign-off contract and agree on a schedule of work
7 7 June – 5 July 2019 Develop a Theory of Change framework
8 5 – 19 July 2019 Testing of evidence underpinning Theory of Change
9 22 July 2019  Sign-off key activities from Theory of Change
10 July - End of 2019 Define and deliver ongoing aftercare support

For queries or, to book a conversation with the Project Lead on 14 or 15 May, please contact: 

Tenderers should send their final submissions to the same email address.

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