End loneliness today

Over 1 million older people in the UK say they always or often feel lonely.

Many of us will experience loneliness at some point in our lives. But as we get older, it becomes far more likely. Losing a partner, declining health and loss of mobility can all make you feel very lonely. It’s easy to see how you could end up going for days on end without speaking to anyone – and that has a hugely detrimental effect on health and wellbeing

We have a UK wide network of volunteers who provide life-changing phone calls to older people. Our volunteers can give older people something to look forward to every week. When they call, they listen, talk, laugh and encourage, improving the health and wellbeing of the people they support.

How your sponsorship will help

By sponsoring a friend you will be helping to provide trained, caring volunteers who will enjoy regular phone calls with lonely older people every week.

Your sponsorship will:

  • Help us train volunteers to understand the issues older people face.
  • Help us find a good match to make a better chance of friendship.
  • Help us get off to a good start by making sure the older person feels connected.
  • Help us ensure everything is going well when we check in to make sure the older person is happy with how things are going.

What happens next?

We will send you a welcome pack so you can read about the wonderful difference you’re making. After that, we’ll keep you up to date with regular emails and mailings so that you can hear directly from the older people you’re helping by sponsoring a friend.