Importance of making a Will

Having a properly drafted Will in place can ensure that your loved ones won't be left in a difficult situation. It is the best way to protect the future by ensuring your wishes are known and legally documented.

A Will gives you the power to decide what will happen. Whether it's specifying who your family heirlooms will be passed on to or who you want to leave in charge of your finances, you should have the final say.

If you die without making Will – known as intestate – UK law will specify who inherits and your possessions will not necessarily be distributed in the way you would have wished.

Making a Will, especially for the first time, can sometimes seem daunting. We want to make the process as straight forward as possible for our supporters, please look at our information about making a Will

Your gift to Independent Age

We are incredibly grateful to all of our supporters who have already included a gift to us in their Will. We rely on these gifts to be able to continue providing our full range of services for older people and speaking up for those who are lonely, vulnerable or in need of our help.

We’re ambitious for the future, for a society where older people can live the lives they aspire to and contribute actively to their communities. We hope that you will also consider supporting us with a legacy gift to make this hoped for future a reality.

Including a gift in your Will is an empowering way to continue to support us into the future; a lasting contribution towards ending the isolation and loneliness older people face.  

The gifts that people include in their Will are incredibly important to the future of our work. To help people feel confident and re-assured in choosing to support Independent Age in this special way we have set out our Legacy Charter, which explains our commitment to you.

If you decide to support us through a gift in your Will your legal professional will know the specific wording required. However they will need our registered charity number 210729 (England & Wales) and SC047184 (Scotland) and our registered address 18 Avonmore Road, London, W14 8RR.

If you would like to know more about including a gift to Independent Age in your Will we'd be happy to send you our free booklet - 'Your lasting contribution - how to make a Will and include a gift.' 


Farewill logo

We've partnered with Farewill to provide all our supporters with a free will (RRP £90). You can make your will online in four simple steps, from the comfort of your own home and with live support from their will specialists. Get your free will by clicking here and using code IA100.

National Free Wills Network

We are also part of The National Free Wills Network and can offer our supporters the opportunity to have a simple Will written for free by a participating local solicitor. There is, of course, no obligation for people using this service to include a gift to Independent Age in their Will. However we hope that, if creating a better future for older people in the UK is something you are passionate about, you will consider supporting our work in this special way. Please note that annual availability is limited, so please get in touch as soon as possible.

If you would like to make use of the Free Wills Network, to order a copy of the booklet or if you wish to discuss the difference your gift could make to older people in the future please get in touch – call 020 7605 4451, email or write to us at Independent Age, 18 Avonmore Road, London, W14 8RR.

You can also contact us on the details above if you are the executor of an estate that includes a gift to Independent Age.


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