Easter dance and egg hunt for the whole family

Rent a space in a church, school or recreational hall, and find a willing DJ and volunteers to take tickets. Decorate the hall with Easter themed decor and combine your family event with an Easter egg hunt for the kids.

Chocolate tasting for grown ups

Ask a specialist chocolate shop if they would be interested in promoting some of their chocolates for free and donate one giant egg for a raffle? Charge admission for the event or charge £10 to try 4 different types of chocolate? Combine this with a sweet white wine tasting… and raise more funds with a wine raffle!

8th March – International Women’s Day

Did you know that older women are more likely to be living below the poverty line than older men, and have less financial provision for old age? Older women are also more likely to live alone; 7 out of 10 pensioners who live by themselves are female. So on the 8th March celebrate the women in your life, whilst raising money for Independent Age to support women through our services and campaigns.

Set up a stall at home and ask friends and family to bring along good condition clothes, shoes, or accessories they don’t want, pricing them based on how much they think they would cost in a charity shop. The money raised can then be donated to Independent Age. 

15th May - International Day of Families

Many older people can go for weeks on end without contact from family or friends, and loneliness is a very real problem. With this in mind it is vitally important we maintain links with our loved ones, and you could combine this with raising money for charity. Hold a family picnic or BBQ with lawn games, and ask family members to donate the amount they would have spent on a meal to Independent Age.


If you would like to hold any of these activities we want to hear from you, so please get in touch with the events team!

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