In the UK today, two million older adults face a harsh reality: choosing between a warm meal or heating their home. As the older population grows, so does the urgency to act.

It’s a reality that 1 in 5 over-65s currently live with and why, by 2027, our goal is to improve the lives of one million older people facing financial hardship. We are working to ensure that older people in poverty have the income, housing and community support they need, so they can live with dignity and free from unfair costs.

We’re doing this through our specialist Helpline, expert advice service, community grants fund and free publications, all of which help older people across the UK.

But we can’t do this alone – your partnership can drive this change, and it has the power to make a real impact. Join us in making a meaningful difference, ensuring that ageing in Britain is not a journey of survival, but one of dignity and joy.

How you can work with us

As a corporate partner, your company and employees have lots of ways to help us ensure older people have the means to enjoy their later life.

Employee fundraising and events

Bring your teams together and get involved in sponsored runs, skydives and everything in between, while raising money and awareness for older people facing poverty.

Match your employees’ donations to double your impact.

Strategic partnerships

Work with us towards shared objectives, by referring your customers to our services, funding a particular project or collaborating on events for our shared audiences.

Corporate donations

Make a donation to help fund our services, such as sponsoring one of our publications or Helpline roles, or supporting our grants fund.

Advice guides sponsorship

Increase your reach through our publications, which are packed with useful information and distributed for free to older people nationwide.

Payroll giving

Encourage your employees to support us on a regular basis, to sustain the work we do and make a real difference.

Cause-related marketing

Support a campaign that’s of joint importance to us both, raising awareness and money to make things better for older people in financial hardship in the UK.

How we will support you

Our dedicated corporate partnerships team will work with you to define our shared goals and strategy.

We’ll be there every step of the way: sharing our resources, research and insights on older people in poverty, supporting your fundraising activities and inviting you to our events – so you can see the positive effects of your valued support.

To find out more about how your organisation can join in our work, email us at