Sue’s father could hardly walk, needed help to do most things and was fed through a tube in his stomach. He also had quite severe mental health issues. When Sue’s father had to go into a care home in 2015, he had to pay for all of his care, leaving him with less than £20 a week out of his state and private pension.

Sue believes free personal care would have made a massive difference to her Dad’s mental health as he felt let down and angry that he had to lose his life savings to fund his care. With free personal care, he would have got the help he needed with getting dressed, washed and having a meal prepared without losing his life savings.

Sue is supporting Independent Age’s campaign for free personal care because she feels the system isn’t fair at the moment.

Our campaign

Independent Age is calling on the government to introduce free personal care. Unlike the current system, there would be no means testing, so people wouldn’t be at risk of having to sell their family home just to cover the costs of meeting their basic needs in older age.

We know from daily calls to the Independent Age Helpline that older people and their families struggle to understand the current financial means test, and it often comes as an unpleasant surprise to find they are liable for all their care costs.

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