My wife and I retired three years ago when I was 68. We had worked and saved for a long time to make sure that we had enough put away to enjoy our retirement. At the moment we have our private and State Pensions as our income.

Before retirement, my wife and I calculated our outgoings to ensure that we would have enough to live on each month. However, we are finding that as time goes by, we are having to dip more and more into our savings.

Prices are rising and it is costing us more to live, but our pensions do not match the increase.

The rising cost of living

In the future I am worried that I won’t be able to manage. We own our home but even that comes with its own costs, and we still have our bills to pay. Both our Council Tax and water bill have gone up, everything is going up! If the cost of our outgoings continues to rise then it will not be long before our pensions will not cover these bills.

A simple rocket in price and everything will just get worse.

It is that fear. I thought I had done everything to provide for us. Maybe I should have worked harder and longer?

The worry is in the background. We do enjoy ourselves, but we don’t do lavish things. Enjoying ourselves is something like walking up to the high street to enjoy a coffee and do the crossword. Now I even worry about that £5 on a coffee.

It is that niggle in the back of your mind that things are not quite as good as three years ago. So how will they be in another three years and another?


Have you been affected by any of these issues?


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