Six years ago, I had to leave a good job after the owner left and his son took over. He was very difficult to work for, and we didn’t get on at all, so I didn’t feel like I could work there anymore. I was a carer for my grandchildren when my daughter went back to work, but after three years I decided to start job hunting again.

I found it very difficult to get a job despite my experience, as an older person I had a suspicion that my CV was ending up straight in the shredder.

I did eventually find a job, and agreed a start date. Before I could start however, my son and his partner split up, and there was a court case over custody of my granddaughter. While the case was going on, neither were considered suitable guardians.

Taking on full time care of a grandchild

There were two choices: for me to take my granddaughter in, or for her to go into care. Of course, I took her in. She was a baby, barely a year old, so I quit the job I hadn’t yet started to look after her full time.

The court case ended about a year later, with neither partner found suitable. I applied for special guardianship, as I wasn’t going to let my granddaughter go into care. It was a very intense and intrusive process, but I managed to apply successfully. I now care for her full time, as well as caring for my adult son who has mental health needs.

I am now in a very tough situation financially. I didn’t get the financial support I expected, and had been told I would get, during the special guardianship application. I get a very small amount of money every fortnight as maintenance for my granddaughter, a tiny amount compared to what a foster parent would get. I work seven hours a week at a minimum wage job, and I get Universal Credit. I was born just too late to retire at 60, so will have to wait a few more years for my pension.

‘I feel stuck’

I live in a house I own jointly with my ex-partner, who still lives there. We have to keep up this awkward situation as we can’t afford to sell. I would need a house for me, my granddaughter, and my son, which I can’t buy with my share of the house.

I feel stuck. I don’t want to stop caring for my son and granddaughter, but I also can’t move away from my ex-partner. I’m barely getting by, with no luxuries, and I haven’t had a holiday for years now.

There are lot of grandparents out there in my situation, and I feel like the Government does not appreciate us.

We save them a lot of money by providing child care, and keep grandchildren out of foster care, which is also very expensive. The assumption is ‘oh they’re all alright’, but a lot of us don’t even have £1000 in the bank.

Have you been affected by any of these issues?


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