The stark reality of scamsThe stark reality of scams
Alex Smith, from Citizens Advice, explains how anyone can find themselves the victim of a scam, but that older people are most at risk of being targeted.
The impact of scams on mental healthThe impact of scams on mental health
Jolie Goodman, from the Mental Health Foundation, shares her expertise on the impact of scams in later life.
Bullseye: How and why scammers target older peopleBullseye: How and why scammers target older people
Dennis Reed, Director of Silver Voices, details the increasingly the sophisticated techniques that scammers use, and why they target older people.
Scams: not just for older peopleScams: not just for older people
Louise Baxter, National Trading Standards Scams Team, tackles the stigma that has built up around ‘being scammed’.
The tricks scammers use – my father’s storyThe tricks scammers use – my father’s story
Andrew shares his father’s experience of being scammed and the impact this has had.
Under pressure from a cold callUnder pressure from a cold call
Ex-bank manager Nigel shares his experience of being scammed and the lasting impact this has had.
Protecting myself and family against scamsProtecting myself and family against scams
With online and telephone fraud becoming more prevalent, Helen has had to take numerous measures to protect herself and her family from scammers.
ScamsScams: payments, protection and progress
Phil, a Policy Manager at Independent Age, speaks about the different types of scams and the new bank code being introduced.
Pounds, Shillings and PensionsPounds, Shillings and Pensions: Our mission doesn’t end here
Natasha Jetha, a Senior Policy Officer at Independent Age, shares what we have learnt from our blog series and our plans for the future
Pounds, Shillings and PensionsWill we see an increase in the number of “incapacitated” older persons as a result of digitisation of financial services?
Anne-Sophie Parent from Age Platform Europe looks at the financial risks facing older people in an increasingly digital world.