How carers copeA forgotten army: Coping as a carer
With more than one in four carers aged 65 and over, CJ Marshall from Future Care Capital looks at the impact of taking on this role and what new support needs to be put in place.
Grandchildren careThe cost of preventing a grandchild going in to care
Farah, an Independent Age supporter, tells her story of the financial struggles that arose after she took on special guardianship for her granddaughter.
How carers copePenalised for caring
Catherine, an Independent Age supporter, looks at the challenges faced when caring for a loved one.
How carers copeThe cost of care – and caring
John, an Independent Age campaigner, shares his experience of caring for his wife and the costs he is having to cover.
How carers copeHelp with the costs of caring
Flora, Information Manager at Independent Age, discusses the different support available for carers.
How carers copeAn enormous sense of responsibility
Natasha, an Independent Age supporter, explains the numerous challenges she faced when trying everything to ensure her mum got the care she deserved.
How carers copeCaring at a cost
Kay, an Independent Age supporter, outlines the distressing challenges of the cost of care.
Pounds, Shillings and PensionsPounds, Shillings and Pensions: Our mission doesn’t end here
Natasha Jetha, a Senior Policy Officer at Independent Age, shares what we have learnt from our blog series and our plans for the future