Fuel povertyHow fuel poverty affects older people
Diane Skidmore, Fuel Poverty Action member, highlights the dangers of fuel poverty for older people.
Fuel povertyPaying the price: ensuring older people have a healthy diet
Simon Shaw from Sustain reflects on the barriers to good nutrition amongst older people.
Fuel povertyFood ‘crisis’ among the older population
Edward Hodson from Coventry Citizens Advice outlines the increasing challenge of food poverty for older people in the UK.
Fuel povertyUnderstanding food in later life
Emily O'Brien from Brighton & Hove Food Partnership, talks about what they have learned about food and eating in later life.
Fuel povertyHere is my financial dilemma
Sophia tells us about the difficulties of juggling different costs in later life.
The vicious cycle of the Poverty PremiumThe vicious cycle of the Poverty Premium
Sohaib Malik of Fair By Design sets out why essential services need to be reshaped so they don’t cost more if you’re poor.
Pounds, Shillings and PensionsPounds, Shillings and Pensions: Our mission doesn’t end here
Natasha Jetha, a Senior Policy Officer at Independent Age, shares what we have learnt from our blog series and our plans for the future