Paul Lewis Pension Credit Tv LicencesLicence Lessons
Paul Lewis, award winning financial journalist and presenter of BBC Radio 4’s Money Box, explores the impact of linking TV licences to Pension Credit for over 75s
CashlessFacing a cashless future
How will a shift towards a cashless future impact upon older people?
The role of the stateThe role of the state
What should be the role of the state in ensuring financial security for all older people?
No place like homeNo place like home
Is older age a guarantee of having a stable home? Find out why this isn’t the case for many older people.
Well off? The cost of illnessWell off? The cost of illness
What is the additional cost of disability and ill-health in later life? What is the relationship between poverty, loneliness and poor mental health?
Transitions and loose changeTransitions and (loose) change
What is the importance of planning ahead for transitions in later life?
Caring for carersHow carers cope
What are the financial pressures of being an older carer?
What's the scam?What's the scam?
What is the impact of scams on older people?
Food versus fuelFood vs. fuel and other impossible choices
What are some of the difficulties of managing different costs in later life?