A pension that can't support you

During my working life as a teacher I didn’t build up a good pension because I had to look after my three children. I brought them up on my own mostly. I did a lot of supply and temporary work which meant that unless I completed a full school term I wasn’t awarded my National Insurance contributions. Even if I worked most of the term my pension wasn’t added to.

I did a lot of stressful supply jobs but now I don’t have anything to show for it.

Life on benefits

Living on benefits is very hard and they are stopped for the slightest reason which is frightening. I have lost the family home and now I rent in the private sector.  The hardest thing is the rent cap. My rent is £450 a month, and I have to pay Council Tax as well, but I only receive about £280 on Housing Benefit, that will soon drop to £250.  

Almost all my money goes towards making up the rent so I have to life very frugally.

Hardship and going without in later life

I have nothing left for holidays, socialising or replacing goods. I now have to buy clothes from the charity shop. I run a car that I just about hold onto, but when it starts needing repairs I will have no choice but to let it go.

I have a spare small box room which are used by my granddaughter and son when they visit. I have lived in Africa so I know about hardship. This is hard because it is endless. I tried working part-time but it was pointless and unnerving because my benefits were stopped.

I just want to live somewhere safe and decent but I have been left in a position where I can barely afford it.


Have you been affected by any of these issues?


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