Over two million older people living at home in England have difficulties with everyday tasks, such as cooking, dressing or bathing. At the same time, almost half a million older carers provide round the clock care to a loved one, but over 80% do not receive any support from their council.


  • 70,000 of the most disabled pensioners do not get any form of paid or unpaid care at home.
  • Among those supported by care workers or families, 160,000 report inadequate support, saying it only sometimes or hardly ever meets their needs.
  • Older people in need are much more likely to get disability benefits than receive support paid for by their council.


  • Before the introduction of the Care Act, local authorities need to rethink the way they work with different public organisations to help older people with limited day-to-day activities.
  • Much greater use of the disability benefits system and GP appointments as a means of getting information and other forms of support to older people.
  • Use public data from different organisations to improve information on older people with long-term difficulties undertaking activities of daily living