In this report, Independent Age and The International Longevity Centre UK (ILC – UK) look to 2030 to offer the best and worst case scenarios in society for our ageing population – and what could happen if we do not take action. The report is written in the context of 2015's General Election. 


  • Money: Today over a quarter (28%) of single female pensioners have no savings at all, while 26% of pensioner couples, 37% of single male pensioners, and 43% of single female pensioners have less than £1,500 in savings.
  • Attitudes: Today only 6% of over-65s describe themselves as 'old', but the public think youth ends at 41 and old age starts at 59.
  • Work: The number of people working into older age has almost doubled between 2001-2011, with one in ten still in some kind of work.

How we can make 2030 better for older people

  • Stop thinking in short-term political cycles and prepare for the longer term.
  • Political parties need to work together more to prepare public services for an ageing population. 
  • Avoid creating intergenerational conflict when preparing for an ageing society.