Pounds, Shillings and PensionsPounds, Shillings and Pensions
Older people should be able to live life on their own terms, but sadly we know this is not always the case. Our new blog series showcases the financial challenges of later life, starting a conversation about what needs to change.
Woman and man sat talking on a sofaWhat we work on
Find out more about the key areas we work on: health and care, income, money and inequalities and loneliness and staying connected
Woman reading a book Research reports
This section includes our most recent reports, our responses to public consultations and an archive of our research from previous years.
Man and woman walking in the parkFree Personal Care
The system needs reform. Here's how we think that can happen...
EvidenceEvidence briefings
This section contains evidence briefings on issues affecting older people. Our briefings present key evidence on a range of topics in a short, accessible way. They also highlight the relevance of research findings to policy areas.
Two men talking outsideAgeism+
Find out about our Ageism+ series to learn more about the multiple discrimination experienced by older people today.
Man taking petition to Downing StreetCampaigning
We campaign to ensure people can enjoy a financially secure, healthy, active and connected older age.
Couple watching television Press releases
Our media team respond to issues affecting older people to build awareness and campaign for change.