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Fittleworth is a home-delivery medical equipment dispensary service for those with ostomy and urology conditions, working with the NHS and supporting 1,000s of people across the UK.

Our three-year partnership with Fittleworth started in 2019 with the goal of developing podcasts to talk about loneliness. This conversation resulted in our organisations joining forces on a series of three open, honest and informal conversations hosted by BAFTA award-winning broadcaster and vocal coach Carrie Grant and featured a range of older people talking about their personal experiences as well as guest spots from expert Independent Age Staff.

Having recognised that we share audiences and a desire to support people facing issues in older age, Fittleworth agreed to sponsor our If you’re feeling lonely guide and help to distribute that guide to its customers via their In Good Company Pack.

The podcast, combined with the inclusion of our guide in the In Good Company Pack, has made our invaluable advice and guidance on loneliness accessible a wider audience of people. It is a great example of a business and a charity working together to access new audiences and share relevant information across a range of platforms. 

Leon Mills, Marketing Manager, Fittleworth, said,“We are proud partners with a shared mission to address the common issue of isolation, and how to overcome it by reconnecting with others."

Fittleworth has also chosen Independent Age to be their Charity of the Year. Fittleworth’s employees raise funds by taking part in events and fundraising activities. Fittleworth also supported Independent Age by asking their employees to become telephone befrienders; alleviating loneliness for the most isolated older people in our society. We are proud to work together to support older people to stay independent and live with dignity, choice and purpose.

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