Cosy Club

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Cosy Club is a dazzling bar and restaurant brand owned by Loungers plc. There’s a real sense of theatre with a heavy dash of nostalgia – it’s like being at a terribly good house party, in a mansion, owned by a somewhat eccentric relative.

Our inspiring national partnership with Cosy Club makes a local impact. The partnership started in 2019 and delivers both mission and money. It works in four key ways. Firstly, every time Cosy Club opens a new restaurant the company makes a one-off donation to the charity. Then, during the first month, Cosy Club donate a percentage of sales from every coffee and burger sold to Independent Age. In 219 the company made a donation for every cup of tea sold in the month of December to fight loneliness at Christmas. And finally, through their Free Teas for Those in Need (of a cup of tea), they combat loneliness directly by inviting people of any age into their space every Wednesday between 10am and 11am. Thousands of pounds have been raised so far to provide support and friendship services to relieve the issue of loneliness.

Amber Wood, Managing Director, Cosy Club, said, “Independent Age does wonders for older people and their families in our communities, and the money raised throughout the year, by those who visited us in the first month of a Cosy Club opening, will go towards providing support and friendship services to relieve loneliness. Independent Age has become our national charity partner for our Free Teas for Those in Need initiative, which battles to end loneliness in every generation.”

The campaign has gained a lot of local press, especially during Christmas, giving the partnership exposure and wider visibility nationally.

Find out more about our partnership with Cosy Club here.