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Ikano Insight has made a further donation towards our Tier Two Helpline which will allow us to provide more support to those who need it.

Ikano Insight is a data, insight & business intelligence agency that transforms data into meaningful, actionable insights by making the complex simple with innovative data and analytics solutions.

They began supporting Independent Age in summer 2020 as they were keen to support older people through the COVID-19 crisis. Since then, Ikano Insight have donated over £65,000 to Independent Age through a number of activities.

They sponsored our award winning Scamwise guide and also supported our telephone befriending service in December 2020. This donation paid for 3,640 hours of befriending support for older people, which was critical as lockdown restriction meant that they were becoming even more isolated than usual.

In July 2021, we were delighted when Ikano Insight decided to make a further donation towards our Tier Two Helpline Advisers. This service helps older people by providing expert advice on the type of benefits they are entitled to and how to claim them, which is key as in 2020 the team identified £2.3 million unclaimed benefits for older people. By maximising their income, older people can start to be lifted out of poverty. Our advisers also provide advice on navigating our complicated health and care systems by informing older people and their families of their rights and how they can assert them.

As well as supporting Independent Age through donations, Ikano Insight are providing Christmas gifts for older people supported by our Community Services in London.

We are thankful for the work that Ikano Insight have done and are looking forward to seeing what else we can do together to ensure that as we grow older, we all have the opportunity to live with dignity, choice and purpose. 

Teresa Booth, Acting CEO of Ikano Insight said: “We are proud to support Independent Age and the work that they do to improve the lives of older people in London and across the UK. We think the services they provide are key to helping older people live a fairer life, and we are pleased to see our donations making a difference. We look forward to continuing our efforts over the Christmas period.”